Amiga Graphics Archive

The Amiga Graphics Archive

Launched in 1985 the Commodore Amiga boasted graphics capabilities that were unsurpassed for it's time.

It featured an intricate collection of custom chips that enabled it to do things that, until then, had been impossible to achieve with other personal computers.

This site is dedicated to graphics made with or for the Commodore Amiga home computer.

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Added a big collection of nice images from Bradley W. Schenck. His style is heavily influenced by celtic knotwork which is unusual for an Amiga artist.

He wrote a very interesting article with more background information about his Amiga artwork on his blog.



Finally added a category where the images are grouped by the date they were uploaded/updated. This should make it much easier to find the changes, especially when I upload a bunch of random (but great) stuff like this time :)

The general updates page can be found inside of the category box on the front page. I've been able to recreate the updates up to 2009.

Also thanks to JudgeDeadd for pointing me to a few errors on the site.



I got word from Joseph B. Hewitt IV, who had worked together with Rick Parks at Westwood, that only the properly signed images were from Rick. I therefore put the Park images into their own category.

Joseph also wrote a couple of interesting blog posts about Rick in his blog



I had a lucky find and sumbled upon two new outstanding images from Henk Van Der Graaf and added them to the archive.

In addition, I also found the original version of Rick Parks' Humphrey Bogart image. Sadly the PD collection, that I found it on, again didn't mention what artist it was made by so I'll have to keep on assuming that Park = Rick Parks.



I found a bunch of great images signed with the name "Park", which I am attributing to "Rick Parks", since the visual style seems to be similar. Maybe somebody will be able to confirm this.

Sadly, I found out that Rick Parks passed away in 1996. He had been working at Westwood by that time and had done graphics for games such as Eye of the Beholder and Legend of Kyrandia.

Two of the images (McCoy and Bogart) had been badly scaled by someone. I tried to fix this but I believe the original images must have been done at a much higher resolution than this. If anyone has these original images I'd be happy to replace mine with those.



Oh my, it's been quite some time since the last update, but I've been gathering material and there'll be more frequent updates soon.

I'll start with several great scene pictures that I added from Prowler, DAS and JCS.



Added some wonderful graphics from the game Devious Designs by Bob Stevenson.

The intro is split into individual animated GIFs and the level backgrounds are there until level 20. After that the backgrounds repeat.



Reimplemented the comparison mode. It can now be switched on by pressing the "Compare" Button on the top right of an image (only available if there are several images on the page to compare - mostly on WIP and Comparison pages).

Also added a couple of nice images from a scener called Iluvatar who was a member of Alcatraz.



Added a great title image for an unfinished game done by Franck Sauer, created between Unreal and Agony.



Today, six years ago, I posted the first link to a small project that I called the "Amiga Graphics Archive", making this it's birthday.

It's awesome to see how much it's grown and what has become of it. How many people I have been able to reach and what I have been able to dig up.

For this update I have added many small changes. The biggest are, that the color cycling images now also show the color cycling in the palette overlay (sadly it's not synchronized with the image, but it's close enough and still pretty awesome to see).

I also changed the comparison overlay. If an image has several versions or platforms these are now shown directly under each other. The comparison overlay is therefore out of order at the moment but it'll come back and I think this is at the moment more accessible.

I was able to find rare images of the game 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, which had been under development by Jim Sachs but sadly was canceled before completion.

There are more variations of images from the unused Aquaventura intro.



Added very atmospheric images from the game Lost Patrol made by Ian Harling.

There is also a great fansite for the game with lots of other information including interviews with Ian Harling and Chris Glaister.

In addition I also added breadcrumb navigation to the title bar so that it will be easier to navigate back through the pages (and rendered with the original Amiga font).



Added more great images made by Jim Sachs for the game "Ports of Call" by Rolf-Dieter Klein and Martin Ulrich for Aegis.

Also brought back the hotkeys to navigate the images with the keyboard.

PageUp takes you to the previous image, PageDown to the next, Home takes you up a level, while End switches between the Chunky, Scanline and CRT modes