Amiga Graphics Archive Artist

Pete Lyon has a very distinct art style. Often using a pastel color palette with many different hues and often dithering contrasting colors.

He already started making art for games before the Amiga, drawing graphics with NEOchrome and Degas Elite on the Atari ST. Then he used Deluxe Paint on the Amiga and later the PC, where the graphics were converted for the Amiga and Atari ports.

During the Amiga period he often worked as an independent artist working as a single artist for a complete game. He is still doing game art today and you can see all of his works on his website. It contains lots of additional art from various projects and plattforms.

Thanks go to Pete for supplying me with lots of his original graphics files. As some of them were created on the PC they had to be modified to fit onto the Amiga making these versions quite unique.