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Airbus A320 Afterburner Agony Adventure Construction Set Airball Alien Breed Alien Breed 2 Amnios AMOS Professional Aquaventura Aquaventura - Unused Title Archipelagos Astaroth Baal Ballistix Barbarian Battle Chess Battleships Battle Squadron Bio Challenge Carrier Command Chessmaster 2000 Crystal Hammer CyberCon III Deep Space Deluxe Music Construction Set Deluxe Print Deluxe Video Devious Designs Aegis Diga! E-Motion Exile F/A-18 Interceptor Falcon Fighter Bomber Fire & Forget Fire & Forget 2 Flashback Flood Full Contact Full Contact - Intro Fusion Giganoid Deluxe Paint - Paint Can Goldrunner Graphics Studio Gravity Hard n' Heavy Hellfire Attack Hybris Impossible Mission 2 Infestation Incredible Shrinking Sphere Sonix Karate Kid 2 Killing Cloud Kult Kult - U.S. title Leatherneck Legend of the Sword Lotus Lotus 2 Lotus 3 Magic Marble MasterSound MasterSound - Credits Mindroll Nebulus Nitro Nitro - Ending Obliterator Off Shore Warrior Photon Paint Pipe Mania Prehistoric Tale Project X Purple Saturn Day Quartz R- Type Return To Genesis Sarakon Shadow of the Beast Shadow of the Beast 2 Spherical Spidertronic Starglider 2 Starray Stormlord - EU version Stormlord - US version Supercars Sword of Sodan Tanglewood Thalion Commando Galivan Highlander 2 Unreal Vaxine - Title Videoscape 3D Voyager Wizball Wreckers Zany Golf Zynaps