Amiga Graphics Archive

Ecole Brassart

This collection was created by graphic art teachers (and possibly students) of the private french Design and Art School BRASSART.

They were published in three collections from 1986 (and possibly up to 1988).

The images are especially interesting because they are pretty old and must have been created with the first batch of Amigas to be available in Europe by people with artistic education, which clearly shows in the visual quality of the images.

At the same time some technical pecurialities. Many images use the standard Deluxe Paint color palette, as well as several images featuring empty areas in the top and right, where Deluxe Paints menu and toolbar would usually be. You would have to pan around or disable the UI to paint on those parts, which was something the artists may have forgotten or not known about.

I found one disk containing a collection of images. There seem to be two additional disks, of which I was able to find parts scattered over various PD cdroms. They had continous numbering and because of the matching art style and characteristics I'm fairly sure that they belong to the same collection.
Lastly I included some images that were distributed individually, that matched the style close enough to also possibly belong to this collection.
Three Punks Billard Bouche Brume Canape Canard Cocktail Coliquelicot Crime Dame Aut Dame Hi Dim Eram Homme Lowresight0wer Madura Pantin Saturn Toucan Visage Voilier Lady C Mon Gourmet Pulc Citron Sailing Boat Cycling Senegal Sunset Nescafe Chacun Kingfisher Printemps A Face Woman La Musique Entre Les Oreilles Breakfast Summer Time Italie Cat Dolphin Fried Egg Nescafe Tonic Signal Vision Flowers Lounge Clown Fish Water Fire Paris Punk RHUM St. James Windy Mermaid Art Tools Snow Storm Necklace Butterfly Cat Fishes Frog Lady S Owl RHUM St. James Southern