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PhantomFighter PhantomFighter

It would be nice to know what program was used to create the title image. It's been pixeled very nicely but there is quite obvious HAM bleeding.
Later art applications were able to reduce these artefacts automatically.

PhantomFighter_Level1 PhantomFighter_Level1

Phantom Fighter uses dual playfield mode which leaves just 8 colors for the background.

PhantomFighter_Level2 PhantomFighter_Level2

In this level three colors are used to create a sand storm which is animated via color cycling.
This leaves just 5 colors for the rest of the background.

PhantomFighter_Level3 PhantomFighter_Level3

The levels in Phantom Fighter are stored as one large bitmap which is also the reason why they are so short.
The background enemies and other elements are only drawn while the player is able to see the area on screen.

PhantomFighter_Level4 PhantomFighter_Level4

The lava in this level is again animated via color cycling.

PhantomFighter_Level5 PhantomFighter_Level5