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Rico Holmes

AlienBreed AlienBreed

AlienBreed2 AlienBreed2

AlienBreed2_Credits AlienBreed2_Credits

AlienBreed2_Intro AlienBreed2_Intro

AlienBreed2_Level1 AlienBreed2_Level1

AlienBreed2_Level12 AlienBreed2_Level12

AlienBreed2_Level2 AlienBreed2_Level2

AlienBreed2_Level7 AlienBreed2_Level7

AlienBreed_Ending AlienBreed_Ending

AlienBreed_Intro1 AlienBreed_Intro1

AlienBreed_Intro2 AlienBreed_Intro2

AlienBreed_Level1 AlienBreed_Level1

AlienBreed_Level2 AlienBreed_Level2

AlienBreed_Level3 AlienBreed_Level3

AlienBreed_Level4 AlienBreed_Level4

AlienBreed_Loading AlienBreed_Loading

AlienBreed_Terminal AlienBreed_Terminal

FullContact FullContact

FullContact_Arena1 FullContact_Arena1

FullContact_Arena2 FullContact_Arena2

FullContact_Arena3 FullContact_Arena3

FullContact_Arena4 FullContact_Arena4

FullContact_Arena5 FullContact_Arena5

FullContact_Arena6 FullContact_Arena6

FullContact_Credits FullContact_Credits

FullContact_Ending FullContact_Ending

FullContact_Intro FullContact_Intro

The figure is a single bitplane animation overlayed in extra half bright (EHB) mode to create this shadow silhouette effect.

FullContact_Training FullContact_Training

ProjectX ProjectX

Despite only having 16 colors in Hires Rico was able to add more colors by switching the blue colors to cyan halfway down the image, creating an image with a total of 23 colors.

ProjectX_Loading1 ProjectX_Loading1

ProjectX_Loading2 ProjectX_Loading2

ProjectX_Loading3 ProjectX_Loading3

ProjectX_Loading4 ProjectX_Loading4

ProjectX_Loading5 ProjectX_Loading5

RicoHolmes_AMOS RicoHolmes_AMOS

While not personally signed, I did find Rico's name in the "thanks" section of the AMOS manual. Since this also looks very much like his style it should be safe to attribute it to him.

RicoHolmes_Daemon2 RicoHolmes_Daemon2

RicoHolmes_David RicoHolmes_David

This image was used in the UGA NewsFlash #6 disk mag. I haven't been able to find a version without the logo yet.

RicoHolmes_Denon RicoHolmes_Denon

RicoHolmes_Hotwired RicoHolmes_Hotwired

This images uses such a large overscan size that the normal Amiga can't even display complete image.

RicoHolmes_Joker RicoHolmes_Joker

Used in UGA Newsflash #3 diskmag

RicoHolmes_Jukebox14 RicoHolmes_Jukebox14

RicoHolmes_Jukebox17 RicoHolmes_Jukebox17

RicoHolmes_Jukebox18 RicoHolmes_Jukebox18

RicoHolmes_MarianoFortuny RicoHolmes_MarianoFortuny

Used in UGA Newsflash #4 diskmag