Amiga Graphics Archive


A company logo should represent a company and be identifiably in an instance.

Sometimes the logo would also reflect the vision and ideals of it's members.

Game companies, being a very young branch of business, often had very artistic logos.
That is why I reserved a whole section to these logos.

It is especially interesting to see the changes that these logos went through over time.
Sometimes with just minor changes and updates, some other times a company would completely change it's logo again and again.
Demonware 2 Digital Illusions 3 D M A Design 3 Exxos Gremlin 9 Hewson 3 Krisalis 3 Magic Bytes 2 Nirvana Ocean 20 Psyclapse 3 Psygnosis 25 Reflections 4 Team 17 7 Thalion 4 Travellers Tales 2