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Animations were very memory intensive in the old days where computers only had 512KB or 1MB of memory in total.

Therefore artists had to cut corners and use tricks to convey the illusion of motion, often leading to only short clips and partially animated images.

Lotus2_Intro1 Lotus2_Intro1

Lotus2_Intro2 Lotus2_Intro2

Lotus3_ElanSE Lotus3_ElanSE

Lotus3_EspritTurboSE Lotus3_EspritTurboSE

Lotus3_Intro Lotus3_Intro

Lotus_Intro1 Lotus_Intro1

Lotus_Intro4_Dimensions Lotus_Intro4_Dimensions

Archmage_Rule30_1 Archmage_Rule30_1
  • Archmage
  • 2021
  • Lowres (PAL)
  • 16 colors
  • Animated

DeviousDesigns_Intro01 DeviousDesigns_Intro01

DeviousDesigns_Intro02 DeviousDesigns_Intro02

DeviousDesigns_Intro03 DeviousDesigns_Intro03

DeviousDesigns_Intro04 DeviousDesigns_Intro04

DeviousDesigns_Intro05 DeviousDesigns_Intro05

DeviousDesigns_Intro06 DeviousDesigns_Intro06

DeviousDesigns_Level02 DeviousDesigns_Level02

Double-Decker Bus - London, United Kingdom

Charon_Book5T Charon_Book5T

Charon_Wings Charon_Wings

Kickstart20 Kickstart20

The first version (2.0) was only used with the A3000, but the most common version was 2.04, which was included in all ECS Amigas (A500, A600, A2000, A3000).

Kickstart14a Kickstart14a

This is an early version of Kickstart 2.0 that was being developed for the Amiga 3000.
It still had the old Amiga font with serifs, but everything else was already new for the 2.0 release.

  • Kickstart
  • 1991
  • Hires (NTSC)
  • 8 colors
  • Animated

Kickstart30 Kickstart30

This Kickstart version (3.0) was included with all AGA Amigas.

Kickstart31 Kickstart31

Kickstart 3.1 followed quickly and which was also released for all ECS and AGA Amigas (A500, A600, A1200, A2000, A3000, A4000, CD32, each with slightly different revisions).

  • Kickstart
  • 1992
  • Hires (NTSC)
  • 8 colors
  • Animated

Agony_Owl Agony_Owl

Frames from the beautifully animated player sprite.

Two 16 color sprites were used to create the player sprite. With 16 color sprites taking up two sprites the whole player sprite took up 4 hardware sprites leaving only 4 sprites left for the rest of the game (mainly player bullets and rain drops).

Obliterator_Loading Obliterator_Loading

Obliterator_Loading_atarist Obliterator_Loading_atarist

Fusion_Ending Fusion_Ending

ZanyGolf ZanyGolf

Flag_Bottle Flag_Bottle

This is an image from the canceled game Flag.

Flag_Lose Flag_Lose

This is an image from the canceled game Flag.

Flag_Oppo8 Flag_Oppo8

This is an image from the canceled game Flag.

LostPatrol_GameOver LostPatrol_GameOver

LostPatrol_PanoramaBoat LostPatrol_PanoramaBoat

LostPatrol_PersonVietkong LostPatrol_PersonVietkong

This animated intro was included in a pre-release demo of Aquaventura.

I slowed it down because it appeared to be running way too fast. There are also parts of the animation that aren't being clipped properly, leading me to think that this intro was simply dropped into the demo without being fine tuned.

It was later replaced by a rendered intro.

This is the intro animation featuring 3D rendered graphics with painted additional effects and optimized to take up as little storage space as possible.

While the graphics are basically 16 color monochrome images there are still HAM artefacts visible from the rendering process.

DefenderOfTheCrown2_CastleNormanCatapult DefenderOfTheCrown2_CastleNormanCatapult

From Defender of the Crown 2

DefenderOfTheCrown_CastleNormanCatapult DefenderOfTheCrown_CastleNormanCatapult

From Defender of the Crown


DefenderOfTheCrown2_CastleNormanYard DefenderOfTheCrown2_CastleNormanYard

From Defender of the Crown 2

DefenderOfTheCrown_CastleNormanYard DefenderOfTheCrown_CastleNormanYard

From Defender of the Crown


DefenderOfTheCrown2_CastleSaxonCatapult DefenderOfTheCrown2_CastleSaxonCatapult

From Defender of the Crown 2

DefenderOfTheCrown_CastleSaxonCatapult DefenderOfTheCrown_CastleSaxonCatapult

From Defender of the Crown


DefenderOfTheCrown2_Finale DefenderOfTheCrown2_Finale

From Defender of the Crown 2

Jim posted a complete version of the Defender of the Crown 2 ending on his personal YouTube channel.

DefenderOfTheCrown2_Romantic_Kiss DefenderOfTheCrown2_Romantic_Kiss

From Defender of the Crown 2

DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_Kiss DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_Kiss

From Defender of the Crown


DefenderOfTheCrown2_Romantic_LadyAnne DefenderOfTheCrown2_Romantic_LadyAnne

From Defender of the Crown 2

DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_LadyAnne DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_LadyAnne

From Defender of the Crown


DefenderOfTheCrown2_Romantic_LadyKatherine DefenderOfTheCrown2_Romantic_LadyKatherine

From Defender of the Crown 2

DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_LadyKatherine DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_LadyKatherine

From Defender of the Crown


DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_LadyRebecca DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_LadyRebecca

From Defender of the Crown

Interestingly two of the four maidens were left out for Defender of the Crown 2, with Lady Rebecca being one of them.

DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_LadyRosalind DefenderOfTheCrown_Romantic_LadyRosalind

From Defender of the Crown

Interestingly two of the four maidens were left out of Defender of the Crown 2, with Lady Rosalind being one of them.

DefenderOfTheCrown2_Tournament_BirdsEyeView DefenderOfTheCrown2_Tournament_BirdsEyeView

From Defender of the Crown 2

DefenderOfTheCrown_Tournament_BirdsEyeView DefenderOfTheCrown_Tournament_BirdsEyeView

From Defender of the Crown


DefenderOfTheCrown2_Tournament_OnComing DefenderOfTheCrown2_Tournament_OnComing

From Defender of the Crown 2

DefenderOfTheCrown_Tournament_OnComing DefenderOfTheCrown_Tournament_OnComing

From Defender of the Crown


JimSachs_CDTV JimSachs_CDTV

This is the official boot screen from Commodore's CDTV Amiga. It differs a bit from the Anim version that is circulating the web, possibly because of size constraints within the boot roms.
It doesn't work that well as gif animation as most browsers don't play it back at the correct speed.

  • JOE
  • Lowres (PAL)
  • 32 colors
  • Animated

Used in TRSi's "Day Time" demo

GalacticConqueror GalacticConqueror

GalacticConqueror_original GalacticConqueror_original

GalacticConqueror_clean GalacticConqueror_clean

This game is a good example of a lazy Atari ST port. Apart from not using the Amigas 32 color mode, the developers also didn't adjust the color palette to fit into the Amigas larger color space.

The Atari STs colors ranged from 0 (darkest) to 7 (brightest) for the red, green and blue channels.
The Amiga had a finer color resolution ranging from 0 (darkest) to 15 (brightest).
If you simply copied the same color values from Atari ST to the Amiga the colors on the Amiga only got from 0 (darkest) to 7 (brightest), which on the Amiga was only half of the possible brightness.

This resulted in a very dark game, as you can see in the variation image, where I kept the colors like they were in the game.

MasterAxe_Stage_Bar MasterAxe_Stage_Bar

[quote=Game]They don't like strangers in these parts, and any excuses for a fight is good enough for a bad tempered bouncer.

Watch out, he's got a punch like a steam shovel.[/quote]

Coolers Bar & Roadhouse, Texas

MasterAxe_Stage_Forest MasterAxe_Stage_Forest

[quote=Game]A nightmare from the Orient now haunts the New World. No-one knows the name of this hell-hag, only the state of her victims - Dead On Arrival.

Keep clear of the crescent moon axe chained to her wrist.[/quote]

Pine Forest, Kentucky

MasterAxe_Stage_GhostTown MasterAxe_Stage_GhostTown

[quote=Game]Past the point of no return on your epic journey, you stumble across a town where the past casts a dark shadow.

If you can't see what he's got against you, just shadow box![/quote]

Red Rock Ghost Town, New Mexico

MasterAxe_Stage_LasVegas MasterAxe_Stage_LasVegas

MasterAxe_Stage_LosAngeles MasterAxe_Stage_LosAngeles

MasterAxe_Stage_MauiBeach MasterAxe_Stage_MauiBeach

MasterAxe_Stage_OrientalTheatre MasterAxe_Stage_OrientalTheatre

[quote=Game]The end of your quest is in sight, but first one last opponent waits to test your mettle. Master of the Filipino art of escrima, and a supreme opponent.[/quote]

The Oriental Theatre, Los Angeles CA.

MasterAxe_Stage_Spirit MasterAxe_Stage_Spirit

MasterAxe_Stage_Steelworks MasterAxe_Stage_Steelworks

[quote=Game]Fired from the State Police for corruption and brutality, ex-Sergeant Archer works by his own rules as a security guard.

Close in to avoid his spinning kick, but avoid the side-handle baton![/quote]

Red River Steel Works, Pittsburgh PA.

MasterAxe_Stage_Swamp MasterAxe_Stage_Swamp

[quote=Game]Flown South by a businessman to fight his local champion in a private match, you find yourself up against Le Baron, a. k. a. Mistah Midnite.

Don't let his spectacular kicks blind you to the secret of his skull cane.[/quote]

Devils Bayou, Louisiana

MasterAxe_Stage_WhiteHouse MasterAxe_Stage_WhiteHouse

[quote=Game]This area definitely isn't on the guided tour, a sharp suited federal agent DDT intends to subdue first and ask questions afterwards.

His 110,000V stun gun packs a punch, so keep your distance.[/quote]

The White House, Washington DC.

Remix_Spreadpoint_Knackbench Remix_Spreadpoint_Knackbench

Nice animation from an intro by "Spreadpoint".

Airball_Intro Airball_Intro

Amnios Amnios

Amnios_Intro2 Amnios_Intro2

This version of the animation came directly from Pete Lyon.
The version used in game is cropped 30 lines at the bottom.

FullContact_Intro FullContact_Intro

The figure is a single bitplane animation overlayed in extra half bright (EHB) mode to create this shadow silhouette effect.

Alien3_Loading Alien3_Loading
  • Alien 3
  • 1992
  • Lowres (PAL)
  • 16 colors
  • Animated

SuperCauldron SuperCauldron

Title screen

SuperCauldron_var SuperCauldron_var

Ending screen


Interestingly the title and ending screens aren't just re-colored versions of one another. Some elements actually shift around a bit and the town, castle and environment changes quite a bit to visualize the change from the dark nightmarish beginning to the happy sunny ending.