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10. 02. 2013

Found image credits in the Deluxe Paint 2 manual and reordered the images accordingly, renamed Louis to Louis Johnson, added a couple of his other images and added the Faces brushes from Deluxe Paint 3.

Also found out that Graaf is actually Henk Van Der Graaf and renamed his images as well.

AH_Waif AH_Waif

Printed in Amiga World July/August 1986 - Page 80

GJ_Faces_Accessories GJ_Faces_Accessories

GJ_Faces_EyesNose GJ_Faces_EyesNose

GJ_Faces_Hair1 GJ_Faces_Hair1

GJ_Faces_Hair2 GJ_Faces_Hair2

GJ_Faces_Heads GJ_Faces_Heads

GJ_Faces_MouthsEars GJ_Faces_MouthsEars

A collection of pre made head assets, that were included in Deluxe Paint. The user could experiment with the copy and paste tools to create many different heads.

Louis_Deinonychus Louis_Deinonychus

Interestingly this image only barely utilises the addition colors that were available by using HAM mode. Most colors are from the conventional 32 color palette, therefore avoiding the usual HAM fringing.

Louis_HitechRex Louis_HitechRex

This image again only uses a fraction of the 4096 colors that were available in HAM mode. With some palette optimisation it should have been possible to convert this image to 32 colors without losing too much fidelity.

Louis_LostArk Louis_LostArk

Louis_Magician Louis_Magician