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11. 04. 2015

Gino Gusmano kindly sent me his collection of Amiga application software pictures that he had preserved. Among them were some pretty rare images from Photon Paint - mostly HAM images - but also a lot of Deluxe Paint images. I added a selection of those with this update.

He also noticed that Greg Johnson's "Flight" image is loosely based on concept art for the Aliens movie. I added the original for comparison and I may do this for more images in the future.

Lastly, I found more images that were in the style of the Pro Paint images so I added them to that section.

DeluxePaint_HallOfStars DeluxePaint_HallOfStars

This image was used to demonstrate the 3D transformation tool, that was added to Deluxe Paint III.

DeluxePaint_Seascape DeluxePaint_Seascape

This daytime scenario is using the Deluxe Paint default palette.

DeluxePaint_Seascape_var DeluxePaint_Seascape_var

It is transformed into a nighttime scenario by simply changing the color palette. Not a single pixel was changed.


This is a demonstration to show how different color palettes can completely change the look of an image.

DeluxePaint_Space DeluxePaint_Space

DeluxePaint_Waterfall DeluxePaint_Waterfall

DeluxePaint_Yacht DeluxePaint_Yacht

PhotonPaint PhotonPaint

PhotonPaint_Visions PhotonPaint_Visions

ProPaint_AutoDesign ProPaint_AutoDesign

ProPaint_Desktop ProPaint_Desktop

ProPaint_Heart ProPaint_Heart

ProPaint_HousePlan ProPaint_HousePlan

ProPaint_Ritz ProPaint_Ritz

GJ_Flight GJ_Flight

GJ_Flight_original GJ_Flight_original

Greg Johnson drew some inspiration from a concept drawing from the movie Aliens depicting the bridge of the Nostromo.
Greg's image has some ties to the game Starflight. The two aliens that are visible here are also present in the game and the Starflight logo can be seen on the bottom left of the computer console.
The image itself doesn't appear in the game but Greg did some graphics for Starflight which explains the similarities.

Louis_Laura3 Louis_Laura3

Louis_RabbitLogo2 Louis_RabbitLogo2

Louis_Cover Louis_Cover