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27. 06. 2015

Switched to the new mobile optimized version of the site. I got motivated to do this after I heard that Google was down-rating non-mobile sites. I also wanted to try the media queries and the new picture element, where I can serve client dependant image resolutions.

Now the image size is changed depending on the browser width (Firefox 38+ needs a page reload to notice this, but Chrome updates this immediately). The behaviour can be changed by switching the resize button (top right) from "auto" to "small", "medium", "large" and "auto" again.
The TV effect can be changed with the monitor button (directly next to the resize button. This toggles between "TFT" and "CRT".
I hope this will work correctly for everybody. It is supposed to degrade gracefully, but it is still quite new technology, so it may fail.

In addition to that I also enlarged the thumbnail sizes, allowed for animated thumbnails and added/updated several images.

ShadowOfTheBeast2 ShadowOfTheBeast2

ShadowOfTheBeast2_CrystalCaverns ShadowOfTheBeast2_CrystalCaverns

ShadowOfTheBeast2_Ending ShadowOfTheBeast2_Ending

ShadowOfTheBeast2_GameOver ShadowOfTheBeast2_GameOver

ShadowOfTheBeast2_KaramoonOasis ShadowOfTheBeast2_KaramoonOasis

ShadowOfTheBeast2_Menu ShadowOfTheBeast2_Menu

ShadowOfTheBeast2_OtherWorld ShadowOfTheBeast2_OtherWorld

Afterburner_Activision Afterburner_Activision

Afterburner_Activision_atarist Afterburner_Activision_atarist

A320Airbus A320Airbus

A320Airbus_atarist A320Airbus_atarist

A320Airbus_Loading A320Airbus_Loading

A320Airbus_Loading_atarist A320Airbus_Loading_atarist

ShadowOfTheBeast_Castle_Background1 ShadowOfTheBeast_Castle_Background1

ShadowOfTheBeast_Castle_Background2 ShadowOfTheBeast_Castle_Background2

ShadowOfTheBeast_Tree_Background ShadowOfTheBeast_Tree_Background