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27. 09. 2020

Added a whole packet of great images from one of the early European Amiga artists, Orlando Petermann.

BallRaider BallRaider

BallRaider_alt BallRaider_alt

BallRaider_Ending BallRaider_Ending

BallRaider_Level1 BallRaider_Level1

BallRaider_Level2 BallRaider_Level2

BallRaider_Level3 BallRaider_Level3

BallRaider_Level4 BallRaider_Level4

BallRaider_Level5 BallRaider_Level5

BallRaider_Level6 BallRaider_Level6

BallRaider_Level7 BallRaider_Level7

ClownOMania ClownOMania

InsanityFight_Ending InsanityFight_Ending

MagicMarble_HighScore MagicMarble_HighScore

Orlando_Donald Orlando_Donald

Printed in Amiga Magazin October 1987 - Page 130

Orlando_DreamNumber13 Orlando_DreamNumber13

Honorable mention in Commodore Magazine 9 (June 1988) - Page 73

Orlando_Investor Orlando_Investor

Orlando_Minolta Orlando_Minolta

Orlando_News Orlando_News

Printed in Amiga Magazin October 1987 - Page 130

Orlando_PlayItSam Orlando_PlayItSam

Printed in Amiga Magazin October 1987 - Page 130

Orlando_Stallone Orlando_Stallone

Orlando_Stallone_ntsc Orlando_Stallone_ntsc

Orlando_Supra Orlando_Supra

Orlando_Suspense Orlando_Suspense

Printed in Amiga Magazin October 1987 - Page 130

TrapsNTreasures TrapsNTreasures

TrapsNTreasures_Ending TrapsNTreasures_Ending

TrapsNTreasures_Map TrapsNTreasures_Map

TrapsNTreasures_Menu TrapsNTreasures_Menu