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General Collections

Hall of Light
Huge collection with information, screenshots, packshots, cheats about almost every game made for the Commodore Amiga computer.
Lemon Amiga
Another huge game database, but more community based with reviews and comments to each game.

Specialized Collections

Walter Randelshofer
Great collection of step motion and colour cycling animations, not only for Commodore Amiga computers, but also for Atari ST and IBM PC & compatible computers. Uses a custom built Java applet to show the original IFF ILBM files.
Magnetic Scrolls Memorial
A site dedicated to the text adventures from Magnetic Scrolls. Contains lots of information and downloads to all Magnetic Scrolls games, including the emulator Magnetic.
Thalion Web Shrine
A site centered around the famous german Amiga and Atari-ST developer Thalion. Contains lots of information about the people, the games and the company.

Individual Artists

Klas Benjaminsson aka 'Prowler'
Scene artists still creating art for the Amiga and other retro platforms.
Also created the series of The Masters of Pixel Art high quality art books.
Jack E. Haeger
Artists at Hi-Toro / Amiga Corporation, later Commodore, already working with the Amiga during it's development phase.
Rico Holmes
Main graphics artist for Team 17 Software. Originated from the Amiga demo scene.
Simon Hunter
Worked as pixel artist at Bullfrog, creating graphics with his unique art style for games like Powermonger and Flood. Now working as studio art director, still creating game art.
Pete Lyon
Freelance artist who worked on many early Amiga games from Microdeal and Hewson.
Carlos Pardo aka 'Made'
Scene artists, best known for creating many extremely high quality renditions of popular fantasy pictures.
Now works as a commercial illustrator and graphic designer, but still contributes to the occasional Amiga demo.
James D. Sachs
Jim worked on several high quality Amiga titles, including the famous Defender of the Crown series.
Franck Sauer
Artist responsible for the stunning visuals of Agony and Unreal.
Martin Sauter aka 'FadeOne'
Scene artist, now working as a digital artist and designer, but still releasing the occasional Amiga artwork.