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Greg Johnson

DeluxePrint_Saturn DeluxePrint_Saturn

Printed in Amiga World July/August 1986 - Page 82

DeluxePrint_Storm DeluxePrint_Storm

Printed in Amiga World July/August 1986 - Page 78

FA-18_Interceptor FA-18_Interceptor

GJ_BioDomes GJ_BioDomes

GJ_Faces_Accessories GJ_Faces_Accessories

GJ_Faces_EyesNose GJ_Faces_EyesNose

GJ_Faces_Hair1 GJ_Faces_Hair1

GJ_Faces_Hair2 GJ_Faces_Hair2

GJ_Faces_Heads GJ_Faces_Heads

GJ_Faces_MouthsEars GJ_Faces_MouthsEars

A collection of pre made head assets, that were included in Deluxe Paint. The user could experiment with the copy and paste tools to create many different heads.

GJ_Flight GJ_Flight

GJ_Flight_original GJ_Flight_original

Greg Johnson drew some inspiration from a concept drawing from the movie Aliens depicting the bridge of the Nostromo.
Greg's image has some ties to the game Starflight. The two aliens that are visible here are also present in the game and the Starflight logo can be seen on the bottom left of the computer console.
The image itself doesn't appear in the game but Greg did some graphics for Starflight which explains the similarities.

GJ_Gorilla GJ_Gorilla

Printed in Amiga World July/August 1986 - Page 81

GJ_PaintCan GJ_PaintCan

GJ_Profits GJ_Profits

GJ_SleepingAlien GJ_SleepingAlien