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Kickstart Kickstart

The first Amigas stored their Kickstart on special Kickstart floppy disks.

Kickstart10 Kickstart10

This Kickstart version (1.0) was only available for the Amiga 1000.

Kickstart12 Kickstart12

Kickstart 1.2 was the first version used for the A500 and A2000.

Kickstart13 Kickstart13

This Kickstart version (1.3) was used in all available Amigas at that time (A500, A1000, A2000 and even the CDTV).


SAK_Athena SAK_Athena

SAK_MonaLisa SAK_MonaLisa

SAK_NightFlight SAK_NightFlight

SAK_Shadowed SAK_Shadowed

SAK_Shuttle SAK_Shuttle

SAK_SnowScape SAK_SnowScape

SAK_VermeerGirl SAK_VermeerGirl