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2000 Leagues Under The Sea

Jim Sachs was pitching the game to Disney with various assets already in place. Sadly Disney lost interest and a virus destroyed part of the files, forcing Jim Sachs to cancel the project.

High resolution image of the Nautilus in the Arctiv sea. Not sure how this came to be as the rest of the game was done in low resolution.<br /><br />Sadly only available in compressed jpeg format.

JimSachs_20000LeaguesUnderTheSea_Beach JimSachs_20000LeaguesUnderTheSea_Beach

JimSachs_20000LeaguesUnderTheSea_Shipwreck JimSachs_20000LeaguesUnderTheSea_Shipwreck

JimSachs_20000LeaguesUnderTheSea_Shipwreck_var JimSachs_20000LeaguesUnderTheSea_Shipwreck_var

JimSachs_20000LeaguesUnderTheSea_Sunset JimSachs_20000LeaguesUnderTheSea_Sunset

This image belonged to a sequence where the Nautilus can be seen sinking slowly in the sunset. Jim captured this sequence from a VHS recording that he had made from the game demo during development and posted it on his personal YouTube channel.