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Battle Squadron

Battle Squadron was an improvement over the already excellent Hybris in almost every aspect. Cope-Com were keen to show off, as could be seen in the end credits:

Battle Squadron was developed in 8 months

Mainly by Martin Pedersen (coding) and Torben Larsen (graphics).

Battle Squadron is our second Amiga game (our first one was Hybris).

Martin Pedersen (18): Greetings to my family - my friends - especially them at my school - and everybody at Innerprise Software - hope you ejoyed playing the game.

Torben Larsen (21): Hope you folks enjoyed the game (no disk space for greetings).

Technical specifications (for the interested ones):

- 2 players with up to 12 missiles each
- 24 different weapons
- special mega missiles
- up to 16 enemy bullets
- up to 12 air enemies
- up to 18 ground enemies
- special full screen PAL version (256 pixels tall)
- score etc. on top of everything
- 64k of code and tables
- 1500k of graphics and tiles
- 150k of music

Signed Martin and Torben

Look out for our next game.........

BattleSquadron BattleSquadron

BattleSquadron_Controls BattleSquadron_Controls

BattleSquadron_Ending1 BattleSquadron_Ending1

Well done! Mission completed
A reward is granted when you return to Earth Defense Fleet

BattleSquadron_Ending2 BattleSquadron_Ending2

The Barrax Empire has been destroyed and Commander Berry D. Mayers and Commander Lori Bergin are now safe on board your ship heading home to earth. Have a nice trip home. Well done!

BattleSquadron_Ending3 BattleSquadron_Ending3

You look out the side window of your ship. You see the crushed Barrax Empire as you take off.

BattleSquadron_Ending4 BattleSquadron_Ending4

The alarm goes off and you look out the rear window and see the whole planet changing shape and something is coming straight at you..........


BattleSquadron_Intro1 BattleSquadron_Intro1

Stardate Starsystem IU2

The Barrax Empire - A ruthless species with one thing on their mind - ruling the universe.
Earth Defense Fleet have been in war with the Barrax Empire for centuries with many casualties on both sides........

BattleSquadron_Intro2 BattleSquadron_Intro2

Commander Berry D. Mayers and Commander Lori Bergin returning home from a well accomplished mission.
Their orders were to eliminate all Barrax Lifeform on planet Urainia and gather as much information about the Barrax Fighters.

BattleSquadron_Intro3 BattleSquadron_Intro3

As the commanders began their trip home they were suddenly attacked from out of nowhere by a huge Barrax Nova cruiser.

BattleSquadron_Intro4 BattleSquadron_Intro4

The last transmission from Commander Mayers and Bergin was this....
Ability to become invisible for a limited amount of time. Fast.t..acce...

BattleSquadron_Intro5 BattleSquadron_Intro5

Commander Berry D. Mayers and Commander Lori Bergin are presumed to have been taken as hostage by the huge Barrax Nova cruiser.

BattleSquadron_Intro6 BattleSquadron_Intro6

Your mission code C61-178DE is to rescue Commander Berry D. Mayers and Commander Lori Bergin and their starship.
The E.F.D. inter-trak scanner picked up signals from a huge object moving towards planet Terrainia.

Engage and terminate commanders!

Good luck!


BattleSquadron_Overworld_Boss BattleSquadron_Overworld_Boss

The final boss was the biggest object of them all. Consisting of forehead, head, left wing, right wing. Each individually hittable/destructable with two stages. Most bosses are split into several parts so that they can be animated and destroyed in several stages.

BattleSquadron_Overworld_Enemies BattleSquadron_Overworld_Enemies

All enemies and also some other objects from the overworld. Most of these also appear in the other worlds.

BattleSquadron_Overworld_Tiles BattleSquadron_Overworld_Tiles

BattleSquadron_Overworld_Turrets BattleSquadron_Overworld_Turrets

BattleSquadron_World1_Enemies BattleSquadron_World1_Enemies

BattleSquadron_World1_Tiles BattleSquadron_World1_Tiles

BattleSquadron_World1_Turrets BattleSquadron_World1_Turrets

BattleSquadron_World2_Enemies BattleSquadron_World2_Enemies

BattleSquadron_World2_Tiles BattleSquadron_World2_Tiles

BattleSquadron_World2_Turrets BattleSquadron_World2_Turrets

BattleSquadron_World3_Tiles BattleSquadron_World3_Tiles

BattleSquadron_World3_Turrets BattleSquadron_World3_Turrets

This world used palette switching for the copper wired backgrounds. While playing the game you can notice that the copper wires are never on screen at the same time as the brown organic wires, because they both use the same color registers. The game can only change these unnoticed when they are off-screen.