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Full Contact

FullContact FullContact

FullContact_Arena1 FullContact_Arena1

FullContact_Arena2 FullContact_Arena2

FullContact_Arena3 FullContact_Arena3

FullContact_Arena4 FullContact_Arena4

FullContact_Arena5 FullContact_Arena5

FullContact_Arena6 FullContact_Arena6

FullContact_Credits FullContact_Credits

FullContact_Ending FullContact_Ending

FullContact_Intro FullContact_Intro

The figure is a single bitplane animation overlayed in extra half bright (EHB) mode to create this shadow silhouette effect.

FullContact_Training FullContact_Training

Team7_1990 Team7_1990

The first two games were released under the name "Team 7". After merging with "17-Bit Software" the company was renamed to "Team 17".