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MasterAxe_Stage_Bar MasterAxe_Stage_Bar

[quote=Game]They don't like strangers in these parts, and any excuses for a fight is good enough for a bad tempered bouncer.

Watch out, he's got a punch like a steam shovel.[/quote]

Coolers Bar & Roadhouse, Texas

MasterAxe_Stage_Dojo MasterAxe_Stage_Dojo

MasterAxe_Stage_Forest MasterAxe_Stage_Forest

[quote=Game]A nightmare from the Orient now haunts the New World. No-one knows the name of this hell-hag, only the state of her victims - Dead On Arrival.

Keep clear of the crescent moon axe chained to her wrist.[/quote]

Pine Forest, Kentucky

MasterAxe_Stage_GhostTown MasterAxe_Stage_GhostTown

[quote=Game]Past the point of no return on your epic journey, you stumble across a town where the past casts a dark shadow.

If you can't see what he's got against you, just shadow box![/quote]

Red Rock Ghost Town, New Mexico

MasterAxe_Stage_LasVegas MasterAxe_Stage_LasVegas

MasterAxe_Stage_LosAngeles MasterAxe_Stage_LosAngeles

MasterAxe_Stage_MauiBeach MasterAxe_Stage_MauiBeach

MasterAxe_Stage_MtRushmore MasterAxe_Stage_MtRushmore

[quote=Game]The TV network that flew you here for their documentary also set you up. National pride is at stake as the all-American boy and sport nunchaku champion attempts to prove himself.

Keep in close to smother his technique.[/quote]

Mount Rushmore National Monument

MasterAxe_Stage_OrientalTheatre MasterAxe_Stage_OrientalTheatre

[quote=Game]The end of your quest is in sight, but first one last opponent waits to test your mettle. Master of the Filipino art of escrima, and a supreme opponent.[/quote]

The Oriental Theatre, Los Angeles CA.

MasterAxe_Stage_Rooftop MasterAxe_Stage_Rooftop

MasterAxe_Stage_Spirit MasterAxe_Stage_Spirit

MasterAxe_Stage_Steelworks MasterAxe_Stage_Steelworks

[quote=Game]Fired from the State Police for corruption and brutality, ex-Sergeant Archer works by his own rules as a security guard.

Close in to avoid his spinning kick, but avoid the side-handle baton![/quote]

Red River Steel Works, Pittsburgh PA.

MasterAxe_Stage_Swamp MasterAxe_Stage_Swamp

[quote=Game]Flown South by a businessman to fight his local champion in a private match, you find yourself up against Le Baron, a. k. a. Mistah Midnite.

Don't let his spectacular kicks blind you to the secret of his skull cane.[/quote]

Devils Bayou, Louisiana

MasterAxe_Stage_WhiteHouse MasterAxe_Stage_WhiteHouse

[quote=Game]This area definitely isn't on the guided tour, a sharp suited federal agent DDT intends to subdue first and ask questions afterwards.

His 110,000V stun gun packs a punch, so keep your distance.[/quote]

The White House, Washington DC.

MasterAxe_Story MasterAxe_Story