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Ports Of Call

Jim Sachs was brought to the "Ports of Call" project by Aegis (the publishing company) and worked together with Richard LaBarre on the images.

Jim Sachs was lead artist and LaBarre was learning from him. They both had been pilots in the military and had become neighbors after leaving the active service.

JimSachs_PortsOfCall JimSachs_PortsOfCall

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_var JimSachs_PortsOfCall_var

Jim re-used the title picture for Ports of Call in his abandoned [link=/game/20000LeaguesUnderTheSea.html]20.000 Leagues under the Sea[/link] project.

The german magazine Amiga Magazin did an article on Jim Sachs in their August 1989 issue. They previewed a screen from the project, while it was still in development, and you can clearly see the same sky, mountains and buildings.

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Broker JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Broker

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Cabin JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Cabin

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Cities JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Cities

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office1 JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office1

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office2 JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office2

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office3 JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office3

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office4 JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office4

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Rats JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Rats

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Storm JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Storm