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Bradley W Schenck

Bradley W. Schencks style is heavily influenced by celtic knotwork which is unusual for an Amiga artist.

He created his first art right after getting his Amiga 500 in 1987 and won the BADGE Killer Demo Contest with one of his slideshows.

Amiga Dreams: my first computer graphic images, from 1987
IEEE’s cover story about me from 1994 – found online as a PDF

He created pixel art for games like Mindroll and Spirit of Excalibur and later created raytraced 3D art for the CDROM era game Labyrinth of Time.

AmigaDreams AmigaDreams

AmigaDreams_LadyOtway AmigaDreams_LadyOtway

AmigaDreams_NorthLight AmigaDreams_NorthLight

AmigaDreams_Serpent AmigaDreams_Serpent

AmigaDreams_TheDragon AmigaDreams_TheDragon

AmigaDreams_TheEnd AmigaDreams_TheEnd

AmigaDreams_TheTower AmigaDreams_TheTower

AmigaDreams_Treasure AmigaDreams_Treasure

AmigaDreams_Viking AmigaDreams_Viking

BWS_Interlace BWS_Interlace

Charon_Book5T Charon_Book5T

Charon_Dragons Charon_Dragons

Charon_Patterns Charon_Patterns

Charon_Wings Charon_Wings

Mindroll Mindroll

Mindroll_Intro Mindroll_Intro

Mindroll_Menu Mindroll_Menu