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26. 05. 2013

Added the title screens from AMOS and AMOS Professional and found out that the first one was done by Rico Holmes. On that occasion I also added a couple of new images from Rico that I had found along the way (and I also re-grabbed the Hotwired image, which had some lines missing).

  • AMOS
  • 1992
  • Lowres (PAL)
  • 32 colors


While not personally signed, I did find Rico's name in the "thanks" section of the AMOS manual. Since this also looks very much like his style it should be safe to attribute it to him.


This image was used in the UGA NewsFlash #6 disk mag. I haven't been able to find a version without the logo yet.


This images uses such a large overscan size that the normal Amiga can't even display complete image.


Used in UGA Newsflash #3 diskmag


Used in UGA Newsflash #4 diskmag