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11. 12. 2013

Added the title screen from Who framed Roger Rabbit and compared it to another version from Jim Sachs.

Also replaced the images from the games Baal and Stormlord.

Baal Baal

Baal_secret Baal_secret

"The Baal fifty" is a high score table that contains the top scorers and they are often be used for greetings or secret messages and this one doesn't seem to be an exception.

Baal_Gameover Baal_Gameover

Baal_Loading Baal_Loading

JimSachs_RogerRabbit JimSachs_RogerRabbit

JimSachs_RogerRabbit_wip JimSachs_RogerRabbit_wip

The work in progress is interesting as it shows several changes to the final image from the game.
Roger's head and left hand was changed, as was the expression in his face.

If you look closely it is also visible that the copyright message was moved from the center left side to the lower left side, since the text was colored black instead of removing it properly from the brick wall.

The small artifacts scattered around the brick wall are mostly my fault, because I had to reconstruct the wip image from a badly rescaled version that I found on the internet.