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09. 09. 2023

Added a great collection of early hi-res images from Robert J. Spirko. A lot of these were printed in the german Amiga Jahrbuch 1987.


27. 08. 2023

Added a whole bunch of images that were printed in various magazines as part of art contests - mostly from german Amiga Magazin.

Finding original files isn't easy, since magazines rarely distributed the submissions during the 80ies.

This got better during the 90ies, when coverdisks and cdroms were more common, but sadly by that time a lot of submissions consisted of 3D renderings and photo collages, instead of hand crafted pixel art.


18. 06. 2023

Added a bunch of beautiful landscape paintings by Walter Bergmann. He also got his art printed in an art contest by german Amiga Magazin


22. 05. 2023

Added a couple of impressive images from Mike Crossmire alias MGC from the very early Amiga years.


27. 11. 2022

Added graphics from the game Warhead, which uses its limited palette to great effect to create metallic surfaces and structures.


13. 11. 2022

Added graphics from the game Crazy Cars 2 which features really nicely pixeled in-game sprites of the Ferrari F40 and Ford police car.


30. 01. 2022

Added a big collection of very early artworks created by artists of the french design school Brassart in 1986.


03. 11. 2021

Here's a big update with early art from Finnish artist Heikki Luhtala, EHB art from Eddey and more images from Swiss artist Orlando Petermann.


25. 07. 2021

Another scene update with lots of recently released images from Archmage, Facet, FadeOne and Prowler. Nice to see these artists revisiting their roots.


31. 12. 2020

Updated the scene category, fixing lots of images, adding more palettes and new images, especially from Made, DAS and Fairfax. Also fixed a couple of bugs.


27. 09. 2020

Added a whole packet of great images from one of the early European Amiga artists, Orlando Petermann.


26. 09. 2020


03. 02. 2019

I recently stumbled across dumps of official Psygnosis backup disks and this is the first batch of files I was able to add to the already existing Aquaventura section, including all rendered sequences taken directly from the game.

The WIP sequence for the title art gives an especially fascinating insight into how this images was created.


09. 09. 2018

Added more awesome images from Ian Harling, with images from his canceled game Flag coming directly from the artist himself.

I'm also for the first time adding images that are not in their perfect uncompressed form, because I think they're too cool to omit just because of some compression artifacts. Here I added an image from the game Flag to Ian's overview section.


03. 02. 2018

After a much too long delay I added two fighting games to the site: Karate Kid 2 and Master Axe. I'll be adding more games from that genre, but with the amount of detail that these types of games cram into their backgrounds it can become quite a big task to grab everything.


04. 08. 2017

Added some wonderfull images from Sharon Long. Magazine appearances suggest these must have been created around 1988.

I also have a couple of broken files in this collection which I didn't upload, but chances are slim that I'll be able to find intact versions.


02. 03. 2017

This update adds more images from Garvan Corbett and a lot of single images from games. To reduce the amount of clicking I now show the image of a section directly, if there's only one image in that section.


23. 10. 2016

For this huge update I finally added a lot of fantastic images from Defender of the Crown 1 and 2 by Jim Sachs.

The games came out between 1986 and 1993 and marked the beginning of a whole new genre of cinematic games, most of which being published by Cinemaware.


12. 09. 2016

Jason sent me a couple of images that he got from Jim Sachs, when he visited him at his home during the 1990's. Apart from two variations of already existing images, he also had a rare image from Jim Sachs' abandoned 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea prototype. Many thanks go to Jason for holding on to and sending me the images.

I'm also working on a larger update with more images from Jim Sachs, so there'll be more stuff coming in the next couple of weeks.


01. 06. 2016


26. 05. 2016

This update adds several small features to the site:

I got inspired by the interview with Jim Sachs to add automatic scaling to NTSC images that corrects the pixel aspect ratio. It does add scaling artefacts, but it can be disabled by clicking on the aspect ratio button in the top right corner. It switches between "original" and "square".

The stylesheets will now also try to fit the images better inside a browser window by moving the image info box to the left, if it detects a 16:10 or wider browser window. This works quite well in most case, especially with fullHD monitors.
If it prevents you from seeing the images in their full 4x4 resolution then just change the scaling option in the top right corner of the screen from "Auto" to "Large".

I added a slideshow feature, that shows the images on the front page fullscreen. It can be enabled by clicking on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the screen. It also tries to be safe for work, but I won't take responsibility quite yet, if it fails.

There are also small preview images while browsing the next and previous images.

Last but not least, I also added a bunch of nice company logos, because it's always nice to have something new to look at, after such a long wait.


28. 02. 2016

Added a whole bunch vehicle images that I found while searching through various public domain collections. Among them are images by designer Bjorn Rybakken who was also involved in the development of the multimedia software SCALA!

I improved navigation by adding buttons that let you go to the next and previous categories while browsing inside of a category and by adding small thumbnail images to the image navigation buttons while viewing an image.


25. 10. 2015

Simone Bernacchia sent me a message that the Aquaventura preview disk containing the unused intro sequence had been found. Now I finally managed to add the whole intro sequence to the archive. It took quite a while, because I first tried to make single GIF animations (just as I did with Devious Designs). But the single sequences where so long that the GIFs grew up to 15MB in size. I therefore abandoned that idea and now added the complete intro sequence as HTML5 video in WebM and MP4 format.

As an added bonus the HTML5 videos are included in TFT and CRT mode (yay!). This wasn't possible until now because I had been using GIF animations exclusively. The old animated GIFs will stay in that format for the time being, until I decide what to do with them. I still see color cycling images more as images than as videos.

Now that I can support videos on my site I'll be adding more videos to the archive in the near future. I'll still concentrate on images, but there have been several animations that I've wanted to add for a long time.


30. 08. 2015

I added a mix of updates beginning with a brand new image from Prowler and two new images from Park. The rest are updated images with color palettes and Atari ST comparison images.

Some minor fixes/changes to the site are also included, like the page titles, that I forgot to include (duh!).


27. 06. 2015

Switched to the new mobile optimized version of the site. I got motivated to do this after I heard that Google was down-rating non-mobile sites. I also wanted to try the media queries and the new picture element, where I can serve client dependant image resolutions.

Now the image size is changed depending on the browser width (Firefox 38+ needs a page reload to notice this, but Chrome updates this immediately). The behaviour can be changed by switching the resize button (top right) from "auto" to "small", "medium", "large" and "auto" again.
The TV effect can be changed with the monitor button (directly next to the resize button. This toggles between "TFT" and "CRT".
I hope this will work correctly for everybody. It is supposed to degrade gracefully, but it is still quite new technology, so it may fail.

In addition to that I also enlarged the thumbnail sizes, allowed for animated thumbnails and added/updated several images.


18. 04. 2015

I noticed that I hadn't yet added The Pawn from the Magnetic Scrolls series, so here it is.

I won't be adding Wonderland as most of it's images are just so tiny and it's much more complicated to extract them since Magnetic Scrolls used a completely new system for that game.


11. 04. 2015

Gino Gusmano kindly sent me his collection of Amiga application software pictures that he had preserved. Among them were some pretty rare images from Photon Paint - mostly HAM images - but also a lot of Deluxe Paint images. I added a selection of those with this update.

He also noticed that Greg Johnson's "Flight" image is loosely based on concept art for the Aliens movie. I added the original for comparison and I may do this for more images in the future.

Lastly, I found more images that were in the style of the Pro Paint images so I added them to that section.


18. 03. 2015

Added a big collection of nice images from Bradley W. Schenck. His style is heavily influenced by celtic knotwork which is unusual for an Amiga artist.


12. 03. 2015

Added more images from Rico Holmes that I found on various early 17bit Software disks.


10. 03. 2015

Finally added a category where the images are grouped by the date they were uploaded/updated. This should make it much easier to find the changes, especially when I upload a bunch of random (but great) stuff like this time :)

The general updates page can be found inside of the category box on the front page. I've been able to recreate the updates up to 2009.

Also thanks to JudgeDeadd for pointing me to a few errors on the site.


12. 02. 2015

I had a lucky find and sumbled upon two new outstanding images from Henk Van Der Graaf and added them to the archive.

In addition, I also found the original version of Rick Parks' Humphrey Bogart image. Sadly the PD collection, that I found it on, again didn't mention what artist it was made by so I'll have to keep on assuming that Park = Rick Parks.


01. 02. 2015

I found a bunch of great images signed with "Park", which have the same art style as the ones done by Rick Parks. I'm adding them as his images until someone proves me wrong.

Sadly, I found out that Rick Parks passed away in 1996, so I'll be out of luck in trying to contact him.

I also added two images (McCoy and Bogart) that have been badly rescaled by somebody, but I haven't had any luck finding better versions of them. If anybody has the original files I'd be happy to replace my versions with those.


25. 01. 2015

Oh my, it's been quite some time since the last update, but I've been gathering material and there'll be more frequent updates soon.

I'll start with several great scene pictures that I added from Prowler, DAS and JCS.


02. 11. 2014

Added some wonderful graphics from the game Devious Designs by Bob Stevenson.

The intro is split into individual animated GIFs and the level backgrounds are there until level 20. After that the backgrounds repeat.


04. 09. 2014

Reimplemented the comparison mode. It can now be switched on by pressing the "Compare" Button on the top right of an image (only available if there are several images on the page to compare - mostly on WIP and Comparison pages).

Also added a couple of nice images from a scener called Iluvatar who was a member of Alcatraz.


30. 06. 2014


25. 06. 2014

Today, six years ago, I posted the first link to a small project that I called the "Amiga Graphics Archive", making this it's birthday.

It's awesome to see how much it's grown and what has become of it. How many people I have been able to reach and what I have been able to dig up.

For this update I have added many small changes. The biggest are, that the color cycling images now also show the color cycling in the palette overlay (sadly it's not synchronized with the image, but it's close enough and still pretty awesome to see).

I also changed the comparison overlay. If an image has several versions or platforms these are now shown directly under each other. The comparison overlay is therefore out of order at the moment but it'll come back and I think this is at the moment more accessible.

I was able to find rare images of the game 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, which had been under development by Jim Sachs but sadly was canceled before completion.

There are more variations of images from the unused Aquaventura intro.


15. 06. 2014

Added very atmospheric images from the game Lost Patrol made by Ian Harling.

There is also a great fansite for the game with lots of other information including interviews with Ian Harling and Chris Glaister.

In addition I also added breadcrumb navigation to the title bar so that it will be easier to navigate back through the pages (and rendered with the original Amiga font).


08. 06. 2014

Added more great images made by Jim Sachs for the game "Ports of Call" by Rolf-Dieter Klein and Martin Ulrich for Aegis.

Also brought back the hotkeys to navigate the images with the keyboard.

PageUp takes you to the previous image, PageDown to the next, Home takes you up a level, while End switches between the Chunky, Scanline and CRT modes.


19. 05. 2014


12. 05. 2014

I got a message from Ville Jouppi stating that the original Kickstart screen was created by Sheryl Knowles. Seeing that her initials are S.A.K. we figured that she must also have been the artist behind the SAK images.

At the same time there was Jack Haeger with the Commodore team and with a little imagination the ljl Signature can look like his initials J.H.

I renamed SAK and LJL to the proper names and also regrabbed the Amiga Boing Ball Demo image. While looking at it closer I found out that it was put together pretty cleverly.


19. 04. 2014

Added to a couple of games their Atari ST counterparts to compare the images directly. It's interesting to see how the artists adapted to the different hardware limitations.

The images that support the new comparison feature can be switched with the "Amiga" / "AtariST" buttons in the top right corner and there is a whole new category where you can find all images that can be compared.


23. 03. 2014

Found some funny modified versions of the Amiga boot screen and added them together with a batch of real boot screens.

I would have liked to add the CD32 boot screen as well but it didn't work out as animated gif.


18. 03. 2014

Added complete maps to Unreal by Franck Sauer.

I had planned to stitch all screens together, but the seams didn't quite match up and it would have made some extremely large images.

Maybe I'll add a map viewer that will be able to use the screens as tiles for easier loading.


22. 02. 2014

Found some really old images from Torben Bakager Larsen that were used in a slideshow demo called Super Spinner by Sodan from 1987. This was probably also the same Sodan that the game Sword of Sodan was called after. I took the chance to update his gallery.

I also re-added the introduction texts for the various gallery sections. I'll try to add more information, where I can.


08. 02. 2014

We got lucky because Wiebo found a backup of his original files and sent them to me.

Now I could complete the WdW gallery with the rest of his great art. Thanks.


22. 01. 2014

Found WdW's blog and he's got more great images posted there.

Sadly, he only had the images in jpeg format and I'm now on the lookout for the original demo(s) that they were included in.

But I added another picture he made that seemed to be in it's original condition: Boulder Dash


31. 12. 2013

Added a collection of great images from WdW of the Anti-MSX Group (AMG), which I found while scanning through UGA Newsflash disks.

Haven't been able to find out much about him, apart from him also doing graphics for C64 demos.


11. 12. 2013

Added the title screen from Who framed Roger Rabbit and compared it to another version from Jim Sachs.

Also replaced the images from the games Baal and Stormlord.


29. 10. 2013

Added and updated graphics from Franck Sauer, as I recently stumbled across his excellent homepage.

This update includes the copper backdrops and the animated Owl sprite from Agony and I regrabbed all images that had been here previously. There'll be more updates from Agony and Unreal in the not too distant future.

It's been quite a while since my last update and I'll promise to update more often again.


26. 05. 2013

Added the title screens from AMOS and AMOS Professional and found out that the first one was done by Rico Holmes. On that occasion I also added a couple of new images from Rico that I had found along the way (and I also re-grabbed the Hotwired image, which had some lines missing).


14. 05. 2013

Added the example images from Accolades little known art package called The Graphics Studio. In all images the upper 16 colors are almost completely identical to the lower 16 colors which could be because of the Apple IIgs version of The Graphics Studio.


08. 05. 2013

Added the title screens from Deluxe Music Construction Set and Deluxe Video and also a rather nice collection of hires images from Deluxe Print.


02. 05. 2013

Found out that Pete Lyon also did some great graphics for the applications Master Sound and Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler from Microdeal. I added them to the application section.

I've been looking for application graphics recently and there'll be lots more updates like this one in the next couple of weeks.


14. 04. 2013

Added Bio Challenge by Delphine Software as another example for a game that uses the copper to add multiple color palettes to a single image resulting in very nice hue shifts throughout the image.

It's also the first time I used my WinUAE save state reader, which can read uncompressed .uss files and display the currently active screen contents by parsing all the copper lists, registers and memory. It's still pretty primitive but it can already cope with color changes via the copper list.


27. 03. 2013

Added two new pictures from Avril Harrison. Technically speaking Celtic and New Tut weren't done with the Amiga but instead created with Deluxe Paint II for MS-DOS. But I found these two ILBM files on the HAM Lab disk where they were used as sample images so I'll let that pass.


23. 03. 2013

Added a new feature to view the color palette of images that have multiple palettes. This was often used to display more colors than actually possible. To view these simply move the mouse over the image and the palette will change when you move from one palette segment to the next.

I also added a new category to the front page so that these images can be found more easily. Simply look for "Special" and select the "Copper" category (it's called Copper since the palette changing was usually done by the Copper). I also added the categories "Animated" and "Color Cycling" so that these images can also be directly selected.

Last but not least I found out that the title for Starray (also in the Copper category) was actually done by Arno Seiler and that the title for Aegis Sonix (also in the Color Cycling category) was done by Jim Sachs.


15. 02. 2013

Added a great new image from Prowler called "Elements of Green". It placed 1st. in the Amiga graphics compo at datastorm 2013.


10. 02. 2013

Found image credits in the Deluxe Paint 2 manual and reordered the images accordingly, renamed Louis to Louis Johnson, added a couple of his other images and added the Faces brushes from Deluxe Paint 3.

Also found out that Graaf is actually Henk Van Der Graaf and renamed his images as well.


02. 02. 2013

Added images from the game Phantom Fighter. It has a very limited color palette due to using dual playfield mode, but utilizes it very good without resorting to fancy copper and sprite effects.


28. 01. 2013

Added a great collection of images from Prowler (aka Dominator). He's been working with Amigas from 1990 up until now so there is every format from 16 color OCS to 256 color AGA.


13. 01. 2013

Added a couple of great images from Virtual Dreams' artist Jaco, mostly done for the AGA chipset.


01. 12. 2012

Added a couple of nice images from swiss artist Philippe Thommen.


19. 09. 2012

Added two Hold-and-Modify images from Avril Harrison and Jim Sachs. These are especially rare since both artists weren't known for making many HAM images.


02. 09. 2012

Added wonderful Hires and EHB images from Rick Parks. He also did the graphics for Eye of the Beholder and Legend of Kyrandia.


25. 08. 2012

Added more images, sprites and tiles from the game Hybris.

Also noticed that my hotkey feature hadn't been uploaded properly and fixed it.


07. 08. 2012

Added a great selection of images from scene artist Danny


12. 05. 2012

Added the final maps from Flashback. You may have to scroll a bit because they start on the right side.


08. 04. 2012

Reorganized and added further level graphics from the game Flashback.


12. 03. 2012


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