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25. 10. 2015

Simone Bernacchia sent me a message that the Aquaventura preview disk containing the unused intro sequence had been found. Now I finally managed to add the whole intro sequence to the archive. It took quite a while, because I first tried to make single GIF animations (just as I did with Devious Designs). But the single sequences where so long that the GIFs grew up to 15MB in size. I therefore abandoned that idea and now added the complete intro sequence as HTML5 video in WebM and MP4 format.

As an added bonus the HTML5 videos are included in TFT and CRT mode (yay!). This wasn't possible until now because I had been using GIF animations exclusively. The old animated GIFs will stay in that format for the time being, until I decide what to do with them. I still see color cycling images more as images than as videos.

Now that I can support videos on my site I'll be adding more videos to the archive in the near future. I'll still concentrate on images, but there have been several animations that I've wanted to add for a long time.

This animated intro was included in a pre-release demo of Aquaventura.

I slowed it down because it appeared to be running way too fast. There are also parts of the animation that aren't being clipped properly, leading me to think that this intro was simply dropped into the demo without being fine tuned.

It was later replaced by a rendered intro.