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30. 08. 2015

I added a mix of updates beginning with a brand new image from Prowler and two new images from Park. The rest are updated images with color palettes and Atari ST comparison images.

Some minor fixes/changes to the site are also included, like the page titles, that I forgot to include (duh!).

Park_Budgie Park_Budgie
  • Park
  • 1987
  • Lowres Interlaced (PAL)
  • 32 colors

Park_MicroKid Park_MicroKid
  • Park
  • Lowres Interlaced (PAL)
  • 32 colors

Prowler_WhiteDream Prowler_WhiteDream
  • Prowler
  • 2015
  • Lowres (PAL)
  • 32 colors

FireAndForget FireAndForget

FireAndForget_atarist FireAndForget_atarist

FireAndForget2 FireAndForget2

FireAndForget2_atarist FireAndForget2_atarist

FireAndForget2_GameOver FireAndForget2_GameOver