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02. 11. 2014

Added some wonderful graphics from the game Devious Designs by Bob Stevenson.

The intro is split into individual animated GIFs and the level backgrounds are there until level 20. After that the backgrounds repeat.

DeviousDesigns DeviousDesigns

DeviousDesigns_Intro01 DeviousDesigns_Intro01

DeviousDesigns_Intro02 DeviousDesigns_Intro02

DeviousDesigns_Intro03 DeviousDesigns_Intro03

DeviousDesigns_Intro04 DeviousDesigns_Intro04

DeviousDesigns_Intro05 DeviousDesigns_Intro05

DeviousDesigns_Intro06 DeviousDesigns_Intro06

DeviousDesigns_Intro07 DeviousDesigns_Intro07

DeviousDesigns_Level01 DeviousDesigns_Level01

DeviousDesigns_Level02 DeviousDesigns_Level02

Double-Decker Bus - London, United Kingdom

DeviousDesigns_Level03 DeviousDesigns_Level03

VW Beetle - Germany

DeviousDesigns_Level04 DeviousDesigns_Level04

Arc de Triomphe - Paris, France

DeviousDesigns_Level05 DeviousDesigns_Level05

Printed Circuit Board - Japan

DeviousDesigns_Level06 DeviousDesigns_Level06

Gondola - Venice, Italy

DeviousDesigns_Level07 DeviousDesigns_Level07

Burgers and Movies - Hollywood, United States of America

DeviousDesigns_Level08 DeviousDesigns_Level08

Atlas carrying the world - Athens, Greece

DeviousDesigns_Level09 DeviousDesigns_Level09

Tetris Kremlin - Moscow, Russia

DeviousDesigns_Level10 DeviousDesigns_Level10


DeviousDesigns_Level11 DeviousDesigns_Level11

Salvador DalĂ­, Torero and Tango - Spain

DeviousDesigns_Level12 DeviousDesigns_Level12

Loch Ness Monster - Scotland

DeviousDesigns_Level13 DeviousDesigns_Level13

Buddha Torii - Japan

DeviousDesigns_Level14 DeviousDesigns_Level14

Cheese and Windmills with Tulips - Netherlands

DeviousDesigns_Level15 DeviousDesigns_Level15

Down Under at Ayers Rock with Kangaroo - Australia

DeviousDesigns_Level16 DeviousDesigns_Level16

Taj Mahal - India

DeviousDesigns_Level17 DeviousDesigns_Level17

Pyramid with sarcophagus - Egypt

DeviousDesigns_Level18 DeviousDesigns_Level18

Big Apple with Liberty Statue - New York, United States of America

DeviousDesigns_Level19 DeviousDesigns_Level19

Yin and yang - China

DeviousDesigns_Level20 DeviousDesigns_Level20