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03. 02. 2019

I recently stumbled across dumps of official Psygnosis backup disks and this is the first batch of files I was able to add to the already existing Aquaventura section, including all rendered sequences taken directly from the game.

The WIP sequence for the title art gives an especially fascinating insight into how this images was created.

Aquaventura_AltPlanet Aquaventura_AltPlanet

These graphics weren't used in the final game, Psygnosis' landmark 3D animated sequences were used instead. This image is from the official Psygnosis backup dumps and is probably unfinished.

Aquaventura_AltTitle Aquaventura_AltTitle

Aquaventura_AltTitle_var Aquaventura_AltTitle_var

Aquaventura_AltTitle_wip Aquaventura_AltTitle_wip

This is a standard Psygnosis title/credits page, but was left out of the final game. These images are from the official Psygnosis backup dumps.

This is the intro animation featuring 3D rendered graphics with painted additional effects and optimized to take up as little storage space as possible.

While the graphics are basically 16 color monochrome images there are still HAM artefacts visible from the rendering process.