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08. 06. 2014

Added more great images made by Jim Sachs for the game "Ports of Call" by Rolf-Dieter Klein and Martin Ulrich for Aegis.

Also brought back the hotkeys to navigate the images with the keyboard.

PageUp takes you to the previous image, PageDown to the next, Home takes you up a level, while End switches between the Chunky, Scanline and CRT modes.

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Broker JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Broker

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Cabin JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Cabin

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Cities JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Cities

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office1 JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office1

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office2 JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office2

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office3 JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office3

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office4 JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Office4

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Rats JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Rats

JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Storm JimSachs_PortsOfCall_Storm