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10. 04. 2011

BattleSquadron_Overworld_Boss BattleSquadron_Overworld_Boss

The final boss was the biggest object of them all. Consisting of forehead, head, left wing, right wing. Each individually hittable/destructable with two stages. Most bosses are split into several parts so that they can be animated and destroyed in several stages.

BattleSquadron_Overworld_Enemies BattleSquadron_Overworld_Enemies

All enemies and also some other objects from the overworld. Most of these also appear in the other worlds.

BattleSquadron_Overworld_Tiles BattleSquadron_Overworld_Tiles

BattleSquadron_Overworld_Turrets BattleSquadron_Overworld_Turrets

BattleSquadron_World1_Enemies BattleSquadron_World1_Enemies

BattleSquadron_World1_Tiles BattleSquadron_World1_Tiles

BattleSquadron_World1_Turrets BattleSquadron_World1_Turrets

BattleSquadron_World2_Enemies BattleSquadron_World2_Enemies

BattleSquadron_World2_Tiles BattleSquadron_World2_Tiles

BattleSquadron_World2_Turrets BattleSquadron_World2_Turrets

BattleSquadron_World3_Tiles BattleSquadron_World3_Tiles

BattleSquadron_World3_Turrets BattleSquadron_World3_Turrets

This world used palette switching for the copper wired backgrounds. While playing the game you can notice that the copper wires are never on screen at the same time as the brown organic wires, because they both use the same color registers. The game can only change these unnoticed when they are off-screen.